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I am back from my mourn and I have upcoming new videos to work on. And I have reached over 200 subscribers on my YouTube Channel. Also I am now on Vidme so I can make more Fanmorashi Videos since YouTube is super harsh on their rules. So Follow me on Vidme and expect to watch some new videos.

Important Notice

2017-05-23 20:33:04 by AndroidHybrid18

Me & my Family lost a close friend and we are all in depression. I won't be uploading vids on my YouTube channel for a while now. Check out my Latest Upload for more Details.

Big Update & Notice

2017-05-13 01:55:39 by AndroidHybrid18

I have reached at least over 100 subscribers and I have been doing well. I am now on Vidme, been making some AMVs, and having a good year so far. I am going to do something new on my YouTube channel and still upload more vids on Vidme later on. I also have been doing Reviews on MyAnimeList on Ecchi & Hentai anime/series. 

Better Than Ever

2017-04-17 16:15:00 by AndroidHybrid18

I have been uploading new content on my Channel for a while and gaining back a few subscribers lately. I only had some few incidents because of YouTube's bullshit when it comes to their rules but I managed to pull it together to make it very clear that I haven't been uploading Explicit Nudity & Vulgar Sexual Themes. Only Partial Nudity & Censored Sexual Themes. So if anyone is interested go to Ecchi C18 XXX on YouTube. It's my channel filled with Sexy AMVs & Omorashi Manga Vids. 

Despite how last year turned out there was at least some decent outcomes like Deadpool, being in Good-Health, partying, living in the moment, spending time with Friends n' Family, and SOME decent video games. 2017 is here now so lets make the best of it! There's going to be a new Wonder Woman movie so hopefully that will turn out good, hopefully there will be new "Naughty" stuff like Porn, Hentai, & Ecchi, and lastly having new moments. I wish everyone to have a Happy New Year.

2016 is about to come to a close and 2017 is just around the corner. 2016 may not have been the best year with Comic Book Movies, the Internet, & the Debate but there was at least some good stuff like Deadpool, New Move Trailers for 2017, and such. So everyone have a Happy New Year!

Awesome my New Channel is finally shaping up and have new uploads already to go. Already got like 7 Subscribers and a few views already. Still hoping to get more subs and to make more new videos in the future. Lastly I went to a Slipknot Concert and damn it was fucking wicked! They played my favorite songs, also their famous songs, like "The Devil in I", "Wait And Bleed", "Dead Memories", "Killpop", and my most favorite fucking "Psychosocial"! 

New Vids, New Content

2016-09-13 18:09:23 by AndroidHybrid18

So far I only uploaded 3 new videos but no need to worry I will still upload new videos as possible until I can take a break again.

Back On YouTube

2016-07-15 03:09:05 by AndroidHybrid18

Well it's been a while since I uploaded some videos so I'm gonna do something really different but it won't be that unique though. Just go to the link on my profile page and subscribe but not just yet unless you want to if your going to be checking up anything new.

Changing My Username

2016-07-10 03:24:49 by AndroidHybrid18

So I noticed that I can't change my name because I'm not a Official Supporter of the site since I'm just a commoner. I just find it really unfair [I know the phrase "Life Isn't Fair"] since YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and any other site can allow us to change our username so why only this one? I mean c'mon it's okay to do it once in a while unless you want to stick with the original name or stick with your new username. We have these Status Updates [comments post] for a reason right?