Hell Yeah! New & Improved!

2016-09-29 01:43:52 by AndroidHybrid18


Awesome my New Channel is finally shaping up and have new uploads already to go. Already got like 7 Subscribers and a few views already. Still hoping to get more subs and to make more new videos in the future. Lastly I went to a Slipknot Concert and damn it was fucking wicked! They played my favorite songs, also their famous songs, like "The Devil in I", "Wait And Bleed", "Dead Memories", "Killpop", and my most favorite fucking "Psychosocial"! 


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2016-09-29 10:26:22

Good news!

AndroidHybrid18 responds:

I know right! :D My new channel is growing and the Slipknot Concert was the best. It was even my first Slipknot Concert as well lol. I just hope I get more recognition both here and on YouTube also to go to see more Rock Concerts.