I Am Now Writing Fan Fiction

2017-09-20 23:31:36 by AndroidHybrid18

For those who may not know I am on Omorashi.org and I have been the site since 2015. So for about 3 days ago I have been writing my own Fan Fiction series on the site. It's called Dragon Ball: Omorashi Chronicles. Since it's a Chronicles I am adding never before seen Writing also some Rewritten Chapters to fit in the Dragon Ball Lore storyline. I was mainly using the Canon Material to add & extended some of the Missing Pieces that are Omorashi Related just for a short while until I was thinking about doing the NonCanon Material such as DBGT & DBZ Movies/Fillers. Stop by to check out my FanFic Series on Omorashi.org also just a heads-up there's no pictures on my FanFic series but I might edit them just to add a Picture to understand the Concept of where it takes place. That's all I have to say. So far I did at least 5 Chapters and if I am going to work on the NonCanon Material of the Dragon Ball Series I am going to call that series Dragon Ball Omorashi: Lost Chronicles.


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